Bradgate Drama Society : Jobs and Responsibilities

Here is a list of the jobs which are to be allocated when a Play or other production is cast. The responsibilities associated with each role are listed. One person can take on two or more roles, and the person allocated to each role can delegate some or all of the job provided they still recognise that they retain responsibility.

In the text below, the male gender is used for convenience, but should be understod to encompass both genders.

Director       Producer      Stage Manager      Business Manager    


The Director is responsible for:- The Director is responsible for all artistic aspects of the Production. He will ensure that a room is booked for each rehearsal. At the audition he will be responsible for collecting contact details for all applicants (whether successful or not), and passing them on to the Secretary. After the final rehearsal he will pass responsibility for the Production to the Stage Manager.


The Producer is responsible for all technical aspects of the Production. This will include properties. The Producer will ensure that the Safety Procedure is followed. He will liaise with the Director over set design, and will be responsible for set construction and painting.

Stage Manager

The Stage Manager is responsible for the actual Production. During rehearsals, he will liase with the Director to understand the requirements for movement around the stage (and backstage), and identify the requirements for lighting and sound cues.
He will install CCTV sound and light so that the performance can be monitored backstage.

During the performance he will ensure that:

The safety announcement should point out the location of the three emergency exits (the main door, one at the back of the Hall and one through the small hall)

The CCTV camera should be mounted above the doors to the small hall. The dark monitor works with this (switch to "AV"); the white monitor appears not to work with the camera. When first switched on, the camera will be in "demo mode" which, while usable, is irritating. To remove demo mode:

Business Manager

The Business Manager is responsible for: